New generation hair replacement.

We can offer advice on hair transplants, where you will speak to a top class
London specialist

The most brilliant and advanced technique. The membrane when fitted on your scalp out dates any other form of hair pieces.

We can honestly say this product with human hair is undetectable.


We offer 40 years’ of  experience in this field and offer a private consultation.

Clients that wish to have a fully attached hairpiece, to ensure peace of mind, will benefit from regular visitors to our showrooms/fitting rooms. The attachment service enables the client to enjoy having their own hair blended with the hairpiece to create their own exclusive style and colour.

Clients who have the hair attachment system usually visit us every Four – Six weeks for re-attachment services including re-conditioning, both the unit and their own hair. This service could also include re-tinting. ALL NEW CLIENTS can take advantage of our YEARLY CONTRACT which includes Two wig/hairpieces and eight visits for re-attachment/re-groom service – at a FIXED FEE. Please contact us for further details.

Our custom made wigs and hairpieces are either made from premium grade Human hair, Synthetic hair, or a mixture of both, again this decision will be carefully factored into choosing your custom made John Lester hair product.

Once you have your new wig or hairpiece, we will contact you to ensure it is living up to your expectations.

Mobile : 07969 585 015